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17 September 2006 @ 01:04 am


The marble balcony of the Spicer mansion glistened and glowed in the moonlight as Wuya gazed at the stars listlessly, not noticing the evil redheaded boy, Jack Spicer, walk up to join her.
"Stars are pretty, just like your face," he whispered, leaning over the edge slightly. Wuya blushed visibly and crossed her arms over her chest. She wasn't wearing a bra, and it was chilly.
"--Why, thank you, Jack..." she pulled a loose hair back behind her ear. Jack never really had a way with words, but for some reason they always sounded like a baby angel's cooing coming from him. Perhaps it was the fact that he was half retarded, yet made outstanding scores on his SATs.
My god, Wuya had a hot ass. Like hotter than normal. It was like Jennifer Lopez's ass, but without the pop-diva skank. It was a different kind of skank. The kind of skank Mary Magdalene had. The skank of a holy woman. ---But from hell. A hell's angel... or something. And everyone knows, hell is really sexy. Jack placed his gloved hand upon hers.
Jack smelled like fried chicken. It was the scent of his cologne. The dinosaur didn't lie. Its literally chicken. Wuya moved in closer to take in the savory scent of Colonel Sanders; it made the heat rise in that secret place between her legs and spread up through her chest and face. She needed him. She needed him and his horrid pickup lines BAD. Gazing into his menstruation blood-red eyes, she kissed him deeply, snaking her tongue deep into his mouth and wrapping it around his uvula. They sucked and sucked on each others' lips openly, like two plungers stuck together with powerful suction. Virgin ands travelled to breasts and experienced ones to bulges, groping and rubbing curiously. If all went well---Jack could hit a home run...
"Wait--" Jack said, releasing the death grip of Wuya's tongue briefly, "I know where we can take this..." He took her by the hand and he lead her inside and up to his parents' room. They had one of those big-ass king-size beds with the satin sheets. The second the door's lock clicked, Wuya's dress dropped to her ankles, sliding slowly over the plump curves over her breasts and buttocks and brushing down her firm, long legs. She jumped into the bed and sprawled across it sexily, waiting for him to get ballsy enough to join her. Next came his jacket, shirt, pants, and underwear, which had the Teen Titans' Raven printed on them.
Wuya had never fucked a white boy before, and he was ready to take her first taste of white, factory processed sugar. Before she knew it, he was on top of her like a repressed, horny chihuahua with a plushie. Hot, soft, flesh and hard nipples rubbed together with friction. Wuya hitched her leg up, over, and around each of Jack's legs, constricting him like an anaconda with prey. The sight of Wuya's breasts made Jack's penis really hard. Jack had a splendid penis-- as strong as a horse's leg-- yet delicate as a flower wrapped in silk. As Jack rolled her nipples between his fingers, he realized the texture was soft, yet firm. Very much like a penis. He imagined himself in a giant redwood forest of penises, flopping all around and slapping his face. He slid a finger inside of her bajingo, but it felt gross so he stopped.
Just as Jack prepared to shoot his penis into her vagina, Wuya stopped him, "HOLD IT, MISTER." She pushed his face away, "Were you just about to go out into the rain without your rubbers? I may be a witch, but I'm not Catholic."
The record playing the Beastie Boys' song "Girls" in his head scratched, with the sudden new chore. "PSHGHFDH GREAT. Hold on..." Jack hopped off the bed and went into his parents' inappropriately large bathroom and dug through the cabinet for condoms. He returned with glow in the dark rubbers. They giggled. His penis lit up in the dark.
The one thing about this bed that Jack knew all too well was how squeaky it was. He still remembered the days when the sound of his own parents fornicating in the next room was the only thing that could put him to sleep. SQUEEK SQUEEK SQUEEK. It felt like putting his pee pee in a bucket of dead worms. THE SENSATION WAS AWESOME. It got GREATER and GREATER and GREATER UNTIL----
"AAAHHHNNN WUYAA--" Jack cried out in ecstacy, then immediately fell into a comatose-like sleep without pulling out. A snore and a dribble of drool followed.
The sound of his own fucking... put Jack Spicer to sleep.
.... And left Wuya to fap in order to finish herself off.


Neveru: Devolyon gayxneverux on September 17th, 2006 05:02 pm (UTC)
I agree. <3
pkempa on September 17th, 2006 05:33 pm (UTC)
I don't know what kind of words to say. XD
iceteao on September 17th, 2006 05:51 pm (UTC)
i love it.
Ren: LeMime is cheackin' you outleo_snake89 on September 17th, 2006 10:45 pm (UTC)
vexing_hexes on September 18th, 2006 04:10 am (UTC)
"[...] he was on top of her like a repressed, horny chihuahua with a plushie."

Xara Nahara O'Connorcoldkissofdeath on May 24th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
Oh my God! That was the weirdest sex story that I have ever read in my life. In a way, I really liked it. Jack is so hot. I also love Wuya. Then again, I would have liked to see Jack and Wuya go all the way.