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31 August 2006 @ 12:16 am
This is the part where you tell me how weird I am  
Title: Intermission
Rating: R/NC17
Pairing: Dashi/Guan/Chase, although not in the romantic sense- more then anything else, it's a "friends with benefits" type of thing.
Warnings: I will say this one time and only one time. This story is a threesome, is a lemon, and is rather graphic! If you don't like this, then for your own sake, I strongly advise you to leave.
Notes: Wow. I think I may have just written something that's the first of its kind. But for some reason, the concept of these three being friends with "perks", if you will, jumped out at me when I saw "Time after Time". I could rant for a really long time and attempt to explain my insanity, but I think that's not really necessary. Gotta say one thing, though- I love good!Chase as an uke. It seems like he was the total opposite of his evil self when he was younger. (First time I saw him toss his hair around=OMG girl.)




“Uggh...What a day," Dashi moaned as the three battle-worn Xiaolin warriors stumbled through the wide doorway of the single finished building of the Xiaolin Temple. It was the year 498 A.D., and with the Heylin witch Wuya at the height of her evil powers, all the Xiaolin Dragons had been able to do in past weeks was to travel the countryside engaging in unpredictable but petty skirmishes with Wuya's servant monsters. These were usually only fought over the safety of small villages and the like, so Wuya herself had yet to even make an appearance. The frustrated Dragons had eventually realized that, were she to launch a personal attack, they would likely be too exhausted from the nonstop fighting to defend themselves at all, so they had decided to return to the temple for a short but much-needed rest.
Earlier that day, Wuya's stone minions had attempted to waylay them as they returned to the temple. Though the Dragon Warriors had done them in quite handily, the small hurts they had received only made the weary comrades more eager to return to their home.

"Either of you care for some sake?" Dashi inquired, grinning tiredly at his two companions as he pulled several slightly dusty bottles from a cabinet on the wall. Although, technically, Xiaolin monks were not supposed to partake in the drinking of alcohol, sometimes after a difficult struggle against the forces of darkness, a bit of rule-bending was necessary.
"Please," groaned Chase Young, deftly catching the bottle tossed to him by his friend in one hand and beginning to unbutton his dirty, ripped tunic with the other. He shrugged the garment from his shoulders to reveal a lean and smooth torso, his pale skin gleaming with sweat and marked with several cuts and scrapes. He flopped rather unceremoniously back onto the floor, and his slightly matted, coal-black hair splayed out behind his head. He let out a sigh of contentment.

The third companion, Master Monk Guan, also accepted a bottle, albeit a bit reluctantly, and with it he produced a small cup. "Thank you, my friend," he said hoarsely, untying the sash that was wrapped around one shoulder and throwing it into a corner of the room. Though his appearance was haggard, he, like the other two, was a fine specimen of young manhood, with a broad, muscular chest and shoulders and shining black hair that hung in a long, tight braid down his back.

Dashi himself, bald head and bared shoulders gleaming in the lamplight, took a damp cloth from the cabinet along with his bottle. His grin morphed into a grimace as he dabbed the congealed blood from a gash above his eye with the cloth. The three companions sat in silence for several minutes, savoring their first moments to breathe easy in weeks. When the silence was finally broken, it was by Dashi, who raised his opened sake bottle and inquired amiably, if a bit wearily, to his friends, "A toast?"

Chase and Guan nodded to Dashi and also raised their bottles. The toast was wordless, but all three knew what it meant- a prayer for safety, luck, and the power to defeat evil. The three touched the tops of their bottles together and drank, Guan sipping lightly from his little cup and Chase and Dashi tipping their heads back and downing their whole bottles.


"So...so next, the creature ripped the tree right out of the ground," whispered Dashi dramatically, gesturing with his empty sake bottle, "and-"
"Dashi, my good friend..." Chase cut in with a smile from where he sat, leaning against Guan's muscular shoulder. His high cheekbones were accentuated by a slight, alcohol-induced blush. "You told us this story just last week, do you remember?"

"Indeed," Guan agreed good-naturedly, sipping again from his small cup. Despite having drunk significantly less alcohol than his tipsy companions, he was still noticeably more relaxed, and his long, dark hair now hung loose down his back.

Dashi looked offended. "And if I recall, you didn't let me finish then, either. Don't you want to know how it ends?"

Chase quirked an eyebrow. "We were there." He pointed out shortly, taking another sip from his second bottle. Laughing, Guan then proceeded to finish the rest of the indignant Dashi's story for him.

Although the excessive drinking soon ceased, the talking and laughing continued well into the night. The three companions sat in a close circle, leaning on each other, even occasionally falling about on the floor, and basically forfeiting their last shreds of dignity for the evening. For many hours, they exchanged stories and cracked jokes, quite a few of which were at Dashi's expense. Occasionally, the talk would grow more serious, and the warriors would discuss Wuya, her recent attack tactics, and her possible evil plans for the imminent future. However, someone would always blow off this line of discussion, stating truly that, for one night, they needed a break.

Their struggle against the forces of evil, however, was not the only thing that had the Dragons frustrated. In trying to keep Wuya's attacking monsters as far away from innocent civilians as possible, the monk warriors had been forced to sever almost all contact with the common folk. It had been week since any of the companions had been able to spend time with any other human beings, let alone any women, and being young men, their pent-up sexual frustrations were beginning to irk them. Enough, in fact, that they were about ready to just turn to each other for relief.

It wouldn't have been the first time, either- in previous instances of similar forced isolation and frustration, the three Xiaolin monks had found that indulging in each other's bodies made for welcome gratification. With all their differences, the three friends complimented each other as well in bed as in battle. Dashi was robust and smooth-skinned, with wickedly skilled hands and mouth and a playful demeanor. Guan, despite possessing an immensely powerful body and nearly inexhaustible stamina, could also be careful and gentle. Again different, Chase Young's lean body was lithe and flexible, as pliant and responsive as a young woman's might be, and unlike on the battlefield, he rather enjoyed playing the submissive role to the other two.

As it was, between the alcohol and sexual tension that had been mounting for days, the warrior companions were beginning to see each other's half-bared, sweat-shining bodies in an entirely different light. As the night rolled on, it became obvious through the increasingly idle chit-chat that someone was going to give in to temptation sooner or later.

Dashi did. Shooting a significant look at Guan, he swung a long leg over an only semi-surprised Chase's hips, pinning him by the shoulders to the temple wall with his wide hands and kissing him. Chase smirked against Dashi's lips- he'd seen this coming- and opened his own to receive them. The tastes of salty sweat, bitter alcohol, and dirt melded together between the two young men as their tongues stroked against each other in a heated frenzy. Moments later, however, Chase pulled his mouth away to let out a long, low moan as a second pair of lips fastened themselves to his neck and began to gently nip and suck. Snaking a hand around the back of Guan's head, he fisted it in his friend's silky hair; with the other, he guided Dashi's mouth back to his own.
While their mouths were busy, the three warriors' hands began to work. One of Dashi's still firmly pinned Chase's shoulder, while the other stroked languidly down the pale, sweat-drenched chest. Deft fingers toyed with a small, pink nipple, pinching playfully and relishing the shudder and muffled moan they induced with their touch. Guan, however, spent no time playing; his sturdy fingers moved straight for the waistband of his companion's silk pants. He quickly divested the slightly younger man of this last garment, revealing lean hips and an erect cock, which he immediately took in his hand.
"Aaaaagh! G-guan..." Chase Young gasped, groaning softly as he gave his body over to the sensation and slid the rest of the way down the wall to lie flat on his back on the hard temple floor. Dashi pulled away and stood, reaching to the very back of the wall cabinet, behind the sake bottles. When he returned moments later, he was short one pair of pants, but had obtained a small ceramic pot containing a plant-made lotion. They had only used it once before, and as a lubricant, it didn't work particularly well, but it was all they had and they were much too aroused to stop. Upon noticing this, Guan nodded, also standing momentarily to remove his sash and trousers before returning to kneel on the floor with his friends.

Dashi slid up behind the now-kneeling Chase, taking some of the lotion into his hand as he moved. The ebony-haired Xiaolin warrior waited a moment in anticipation, face flushed, before hissing loudly in pleasure-pain at the feeling of Dashi licking his neck and, at the same time, pushing a slick finger into his entrance. As the second and third fingers were added and slowly scissored, the remaining monk picked up the small lotion pot and removed the lid. Taking a good handful of the substance, Guan began to rub it up and down the length of his erection, keeping an eye on his two companions all the while. He pondered for a moment the strangeness of it; three friends- monks, no less, two of whom honestly did not even prefer other men- engaging in such activities together? Anyone else might find it absurd that they were all willing, and that they all trusted each other enough, but Guan knew better. After all, any of the three would trust the other two with his life on the battlefield, so what was a little more?

Finishing the last rub of lotion, Guan returned to Dashi and Chase Young on the floor, kneeling between the latter's pale thighs while the former sat off a bit to the side. Wrapping his legs around the larger man's hips, Chase placed one hand on Dashi's shoulder to brace himself and gave Guan a small but firm nod. Without hesitation, Guan positioned himself at Chase's entrance, grasped the lean hips for support, and pushed in hard.

Chase arched his back and screamed in pain, fingernails digging into Dashi's shoulder. The bald warrior leaned in over his friend's straining body and began simply to touch him, running his fingers over the sweat-soaked strands of ebony hair and licking and sucking at the exposed neck, collarbone, and nipples. When Chase's pained gasps began to be replaced by soft moans of pleasure from Dashi's ministrations, Guan took this as a cue to begin again. He carefully pulled almost all the way out, then pushed back in. His comrade gasped sharply, but did not scream again. Encouraged, Guan began to thrust in and out, groaning deep in the back of his throat as the rhythm sped up.
Dashi pulled back from his companion's chest, his bald head gleaming with perspiration. He waited and watched for several moments before moving back in, fisting Chase's hard length in one skilled hand and his own in the other. He began to stroke in time with Guan's thrusts, and before long, all three warriors were reduced to moaning and gasping for breath.

All three companions knew instinctively that none of them would last long- they had all been deprived for entirely too long, and they were much too hot and aroused. Sure enough, after only a few short minutes, they were reaching their breaking points. Chase's grip on Dashi's shoulder had become tight enough to draw blood as he rolled his hips up as best he could to meet every stroke and powerful thrust, and he was gasping and moaning incoherently. With an almighty shudder, he reached his climax, tossing his head back and crying out the names of each of his companions in turn as his come splattered onto his and Guan's stomachs and Dashi's hand. As Chase's internal muscles spasmed and clamped down around Guan, he let go inside his friend with a loud moan and several final, slamming thrusts. Dashi retracted his hand and allowed it to join his other one to bring about his own completion moments later. Exhausted, the three friends collapsed into a pile of trembling, sweat-soaked flesh.

They lay still and silent for several minutes, making sound only through their breathing. Finally, though, Dashi rolled and stood up, pulling on his trousers and shuffling over to his sleeping mat to clean up. The other two followed suit soon after. This, it turned out, was exceedingly fortunate, as just moments later, a tiny green dragon came barreling in through the doorway and smacked into Dashi's head.

"Grand Master Dashi!" Dojo exclaimed, extricating himself from the Xiaolin Master's cranium and opting instead to perch on his arm. "Boy, have I got news for- what happened to your shoulder?" He eyed the still-bleeding, crescent-shaped cuts on Dashi's left shoulder.

The Xiaolin warrior tried to resist smirking- really he did- but after failing this miserably, he just said to his dragon friend, "It's nothing, Dojo. What's this news?"

"Ha!" Dojo took to the air again, all set to escape through the window, before turning back to the three monks and saying, "Wuya's forces have launched an attack on this very temple! They'll be through the outer defenses by sunrise, so you'd all better sleep while you can!" He shot out the window and out of sight, and as they stared out the tiny, shutter-less window after him, the Dragon Warriors could just barely see the first tiny rays of sunlight already peeking out from behind the distant mountains.
The three friends groaned in unison, put out the lamps, and dropped off to sleep without another word.




In total honesty, this was my first lemon, and I was quite embarassed posting it. (Doesn't mean I don't like it, it just means I had to cold-cock my conscience to let myself post it at all). Feedback, anyone?
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Yamiryu the Original Jack of Antics: kinkysanzo_holic on August 31st, 2006 04:58 am (UTC)
It's very good. I remember seeing this in AFF dot net. Just fix up the spacing on it. You know, really seperate the paragraph, so it will be easier to read.
「dr. killinger」: [wtf] WALRUS SAYS YEScapn__cunt on August 31st, 2006 01:53 pm (UTC)
THAT'S WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS...: jack mesweetlitlekitty on August 31st, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)
I love this fic so muchD:
roundarosieroundarosie on September 1st, 2006 12:54 am (UTC)
o___o I read this awhile ago...

YOU wrote it?


it is love
theanonym on September 1st, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
XD Yup, that was definitely me. Glad you liked.
roundarosieroundarosie on September 1st, 2006 09:31 pm (UTC)
It's funny, I read this befor eI knew you.

theanonym on September 1st, 2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
Most definitely, though I've seen even smaller. I once met a kid at CAMP who'd read one of my stores. O_o It was absolutely insane.